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Zain Prepaid Internet Package 

DataPeriodPrice (5% VAT excluded)
1GB Data Plan28 Days Pack50.00 AED
3GB Data Plan28 Days Pack100.00 AED
6GB Data Plan28 Days Pack150.00 AED
10GB Data Plan28 Days Pack200.00 AED
20GB Data Plan28 Days Pack300.00 AED
50GB Data Plan28 Days Pack600.00 AED
150MB Daily PlanDaily Pack4.00 AED
60MB Daily PlanDaily Pack2.00 AED
Monthly 2GB Data PlanMonthly Pack80.00 AED
One-day 250MB Data PackONE TIME DATA PACKS
Day Pack
10.00 AED
One-month 25GB + 15GB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack500.00 AED
20GB + 10GB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack450.00 AED
10GB + 5GB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack300.00 AED
7GB + 4GB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack250.00 AED
3GB + 2GB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack150.00 AED
1GB + 1GB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack100.00 AED
1GB Week Pack7 Days Pack50.00 AED
250MB + 250MB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack30.00 AED
One-week 300MB Data PackWeekly Pack20.00 AED
5GB + 3GB Social Plus Data PackMonth Pack200.00 AED
One-day 100MB Data PackDay Pack5.00 AED
Social Monthly PlanMonthly Pack49.00 AED
Game On – Arena28 Days Pack18.00 AED
200 MB Social Daily Plan24 Hours Pack3.00 AED
500MB Local Data Everyday28 Days Pack123.80 AED
75 MB Local Data Everyday7 Days Pack14.28 AED
150 MB Social Data Everyday28 Days Pack40.00 AED
250 MB Social Data Everyday28 Days Pack60.00 AED
150 MB Local Data Everyday7 Days Pack23.80 AED
250 MB Local Data Everyday7 Days Pack38.09 AED
500 MB Local Data Everyday7 Days Pack57.14 AED
300 MB Social Daily Plan24 Hours Pack4.00 AED
75MB Local Data Everyday28 Days Pack40.00 AED
150MB Local Data Everyday28 Days Pack60.00 AED
250MB Local Data Everyday28 Days Pack85.71 AED
Nonstop Monthly Plan28 Days Pack47.62 AED
Music On – JioSaavn28 Days Pack18.00 AED
Social Data Pack28 Days Pack30.00 AED
Social Data Plan – MonthlyMonthly Pack49.00 AED

Send code to 959

Zain’s prepaid internet packages offer a range of options for customers to choose from, including a variety of data allowances, periods, and prices. Whether you’re looking for a small amount of data for occasional use or a large amount for heavy use, Zain has a package that can meet your needs.

One of the key features of Zain’s prepaid internet packages is the variety of data allowances available. Customers can choose from a range of options, starting with 1GB and going up to 50GB, providing a solution for all types of usage patterns and needs.

The package also offers a variety of periods, which can be selected according to the customer’s needs, whether it’s a daily pack for short-term usage or a monthly pack for long-term usage. In addition, Zain offers special data packs such as social data packs, local data packs, and special packs for streaming services like JioSaavn and Game On – Arena. These packs are tailored to meet the specific needs of customers who want to access these services without consuming their main data allowance.

Zain’s prepaid internet packages also come with the option of auto-renewal, making it convenient for customers who don’t want to worry about renewing their package every time it expires. Additionally, customers can cancel their auto-renewal at any time with the provided cancellation codes.

Moreover, the price of the packages are affordable, making it accessible to everyone. The activation codes make it easy for customers to start using the service without any hassle. Furthermore, the package is prepaid which gives customers control over their expenses.

Zain Net Packages Zain Pkg

UAE, free calling number (24/24) (7/7) etisalat-customers-care-number
For Etisalat customers : customers-care-number-etisalat 101
For Non-Etisalat customers : customers-care-number-etisalat 800 101
Email : customer-care-of-etisalat [email protected]
Website : customer-care-of-etisalat
  • For Activation : Send Activation Code to 959
  • For Check Balance : Send SMS with the code BC to 959
  • Social Data :Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube
  • Validity : All Plans Validity are 4 Weeks.
  • Calls : Minutes to All Local Networks
  • Price : Includes 15% VAT