Zain KSA 5G

Zain Ksa Prepaid 5G Plans

Price with VAT 5G Data Social Validity Activation
SAR 113.85 25GB 25GB 1 Month 408
SAR 184 100GB -1 Month 411
SAR 189.75 30 GB 30 GB 3 Months 409
SAR 228.85 75GB 75GB 2 Months 410
SAR 343.85 100GB 100GB 3 Months 421
SAR 373.75 UnlimitedUnlimited1 Month 416
SAR 458.85 150GB 150GB 3 Months 422
SAR 517.50 300GB - 3 Months 414
SAR 1148.85 UnlimitedUnlimited3 Months 417
  • Activation : Send code to 959
  • Social Media : YouTube, Facebook and TikTok  . instagram . whatsapp
  • for Cancel or Auto Renew : Add ‘2’ with Activation Code. ex : If You Want Cancel SAR 113.85 Plan Just Send SMS 4082 to 959.
  • For Check Balance : Send SMS with the code BC to 959
  • Price : Includes 15% VAT

These plans provide customers with a variety of 5G data allowances, social data, validity periods, and prices to suit different usage patterns and budgets.

One of the key features of Zain KSA’s prepaid 5G plans is the variety of 5G data allowances available. These range from 25 GB to Unlimited, providing customers with a range of options depending on their usage needs. Whether a customer needs a small amount of data for occasional use or a large amount for heavy use, Zain KSA has a plan that will suit their needs.

Another important aspect of Zain KSA’s prepaid 5G plans is the inclusion of social data, which allows customers to access social media platforms without consuming their main data allowance. This feature is available in some plans and is a great way for customers to stay connected to social media while on-the-go.

The validity period of the plans range from 1 month to 3 months, providing customers with the flexibility to choose a plan that suits their usage patterns. Customers can choose a plan with a shorter validity period if they only need data for a short period of time or a plan with a longer validity period if they need data for a longer period of time. Activation of Zain KSA’s prepaid 5G plans is also made easy through activation codes, allowing customers to activate their plan quickly and easily.