Etisalat Roaming Packages

Postpaid Roaming Etisalat

Roaming Global
Roaming PlanValidityDataVoicePrice
Roam Like Home Weekly DataWeekUp to 25GB-100.00 AED/ Week
Roam Like Home Weekly VoiceWeekUp to 3000min
500min roaming voice
200.00 AED/ Week
Roam Like Home Weekly Voice & DataWeekUp to 25GBUp to 3000min
roaming voice outgoing
250.00 AED/ Week
Roaming Weekly Combo PackWeek2.5GB500min roaming voice and data250.00 AED/ Week
Umrah & Hajj PackWeek10GB1000min roaming voice and data150.00 AED/ Week
Roam Like Home Monthly Data (one-time)MonthUp to 40GB-350.00 AED/ Month
Roam Like Home Monthly Voice (one-time)MonthUp to 3000min 500min roaming voice400.00 AED/ Month
Roam Like Home Monthly Voice & Data (Auto-renewal)MonthlyUp to 40GBUp to 3000min roaming voice outgoing500.00 AED/ Month
Roam Like Home Monthly Voice & Data (One-Time)MonthUp to 40GBUp to 3000min roaming voice outgoing650.00 AED/ Month
Business Class PackMonth5GB500min roaming voice and data600.00 AED/ Month
First Class PackMonth10GB1000min roaming voice and data1,000.00 AED/ Month
Economy Class PackMonth2GB60min roaming voice and data350.00 AED/ Month
Roaming Daily Data PlanDaily500MB-35.00 AED/ Daily
Roaming Daily Combo PlanDaily1GB15min roaming voice and data60.00 AED/ Daily

5% VAT included

Data Roaming
Add-onData AllowanceDescriptionPrice/MonthVAT
10GB add-on for Emirati Freedom10GBBoost your Emirati Freedom 250/275 plan’s data allowance by 50%150 AED5% excluded
20GB add-on for Emirati Freedom20GBBoost your Emirati Freedom 400/450 plan’s data allowance by 50%150 AED5% excluded
40GB add-on for Emirati Freedom40GBBoost your Emirati Freedom 750/850 plan’s data allowance by 50%150 AED5% excluded
13.5GB add-on10GBIncrease New Freedom 325/375 plan’s data allowance by 50%150 AED5% excluded
25GB add-on25GBIncrease New Freedom 600/700 plan’s data allowance by 50%150 AED5% excluded
6.5GB add-on6.5GBIncrease New Freedom 200/225 plan’s data allowance by 50%150 AED5% excluded

5% VAT included

Voice Roaming
Flexi add-on150 minutes for any local, international and incoming roaming callsMonthly50 AED
SMS add-on500 local and international SMSsMonthly50 AED
Incoming Roaming add-on50 incoming roaming minutes when travelingMonthly50 AED
International add-on100 minutes to international numbersMonthly50 AED
Local add-on200 minutes to any local mobile and landline numbersMonthly50 AED
Preferred Number add-onUnlimited local calls to one preferred Etisalat numberMonthly50 AED

5% VAT included

Enhance Your Voice Roaming Experience with Umniah’s Voice Roaming Add-ons

Staying connected with voice calls while roaming is made easy with Umniah’s Voice Roaming add-ons. These add-ons are designed to cater to your specific calling needs and ensure that you can communicate seamlessly during your travels.

1. Flexi add-on: Enjoy the flexibility of 150 minutes for any local, international, and incoming roaming calls. This monthly add-on is priced at 50 AED, ensuring you have the freedom to make and receive calls without concerns about excessive charges.

2. SMS add-on: For those who prefer texting, the SMS add-on provides you with 500 local and international SMSs each month. Priced at 50 AED, this add-on ensures that you can send messages without worrying about per-message fees.

3. Incoming Roaming add-on: Receive 50 incoming roaming minutes when you’re traveling with this add-on. It’s perfect for staying in touch with family and friends while abroad, and it’s available on a monthly basis for 50 AED.

4. International add-on: Stay connected with international numbers by enjoying 100 minutes of international calls each month. This add-on, priced at 50 AED, is ideal for making international business or personal calls while roaming.

5. Local add-on: Make calls to any local mobile and landline numbers with 200 minutes included in this monthly add-on, priced at 50 AED. It ensures you have ample talk time for local calls during your travels.

6. Preferred Number add-on: If you have a preferred Etisalat number you frequently call, the Preferred Number add-on offers unlimited local calls to that specific number each month. Priced at 50 AED, it’s a convenient way to stay in touch with your preferred contact.

Data Roaming
1GB Data BoosterMonth1GBLocal data60.00AED/Month
2GB Data BoosterMonth2GBLocal data80.00AED/Month
3GB Data BoosterMonth3GBLocal data120.00AED/Month
500 MB data packMonthly500MBLocal data30.00AED/Month
Double Data PackMonthly2xGBLocal data100.00AED/Month
1 GB data packMonthly1GBLocal data50.00AED/Month
3 GB data packMonthly3GBLocal data100.00AED/Month
6 GB data packMonthly6GBLocal data150.00AED/Month
10 GB data packMonthly10GBLocal data200.00AED/Month
20 GB data packMonthly20GBLocal data300.00AED/Month
50 GB data packMonthly50GBLocal data600.00AED/Month
Non-stop Monthly PackMonthlyNon stopGBLocal data999.00AED/Month
Data add-onMonthly1GBLocal data50.00AED/Month
5% VAT included

When you’re traveling, having access to reliable data is essential for staying connected and informed. Umniah offers a variety of Data Roaming add-ons to cater to your data needs, ensuring you have the data you require wherever you go.

For those with specific data needs, Umniah provides several options, including the “1GB Data Booster,” “2GB Data Booster,” and “3GB Data Booster.” These add-ons are perfect for boosting your local data while abroad for a monthly fee, with prices ranging from 60.00 AED to 120.00 AED per month.

If you’re looking for a consistent data allowance every month, Umniah offers a range of “Data Packs.” Options include “500 MB data pack,” “1 GB data pack,” “3 GB data pack,” “6 GB data pack,” “10 GB data pack,” “20 GB data pack,” and “50 GB data pack.” Each of these data packs provides you with a specific amount of local data for a fixed monthly fee, with prices varying based on the chosen data allowance.

For those who require an extensive data allowance without worrying about limits, the “Non-stop Monthly Pack” offers unlimited data usage for a fixed monthly fee of 999.00 AED, providing you with uninterrupted connectivity throughout your travels.

Umniah also offers a “Data add-on” that provides an additional 1GB of local data for a monthly fee of 50.00 AED, perfect for when you need a bit more data to keep you connected.

With Umniah’s Data Roaming add-ons, you can customize your data usage based on your specific needs and travel plans. Whether you need a boost to your existing data or a fixed monthly data allowance, Umniah ensures that you have access to the data you require while traveling, ensuring a seamless and connected experience no matter where you are.

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