Etisalat Roaming Packages Prepaid

Roaming Prepaid Global

PlanDataMinutesRoaming DataRoaming VoicePrice/PeriodVAT
Business Class5GB500YesYes600.00 AED/month5%
Economy Class2GB60YesYes350.00 AED/month5%
First Class10GB1000YesYes1000.00 AED/month5%
Umrah & Hajj7GB650YesYes100.00 AED/week5%
Roaming Weekly Data2GBN/AYesN/A100.00 AED/week5%
Roaming Weekly Combo3GB300YesYes150.00 AED/week5%
Roaming Daily Data500MBN/AYesN/A35.00 AED/day5%
Roaming Daily Combo1GB15YesYes60.00 AED/day5%

Explore Roaming Prepaid Global Plans for Hassle-Free Travel

Traveling internationally doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from the world. With these Roaming Prepaid Global plans, you can stay connected during your trips without worrying about exorbitant charges. Here’s a breakdown of the available plans:

1. Business Class: For the business traveler needing substantial data and minutes, the Business Class plan offers 5GB of data and 500 minutes, making it ideal for work-related tasks. It also includes roaming data and voice capabilities. Priced at 600.00 AED per month, it’s a comprehensive package that ensures connectivity during your travels, with a 5% VAT applied.

2. Economy Class: The Economy Class plan provides 2GB of data and 60 minutes, catering to those seeking essential connectivity at a budget-friendly rate. Like other plans, it includes roaming data and voice. This plan is priced at 350.00 AED per month, with a 5% VAT applied.

3. First Class: If you’re looking for a premium experience, the First Class plan offers 10GB of data and a generous 1000 minutes. It’s perfect for travelers who need extensive data and voice communication while abroad. Priced at 1000.00 AED per month, it ensures top-tier connectivity, with a 5% VAT applied.

4. Umrah & Hajj: Designed specifically for travelers on Umrah or Hajj pilgrimages, this plan provides 7GB of data and 650 minutes. It caters to the unique needs of religious travelers at a cost of 100.00 AED per week, with a 5% VAT applied.

5. Roaming Weekly Data: If you need data without voice minutes, the Roaming Weekly Data plan offers 2GB of data for 100.00 AED per week, making it suitable for browsing and staying in touch via messaging apps, with a 5% VAT applied.

6. Roaming Weekly Combo: For a balanced package with 3GB of data and 300 minutes, the Roaming Weekly Combo plan is priced at 150.00 AED per week. It’s an excellent choice for those requiring both data and voice connectivity, with a 5% VAT applied.

7. Roaming Daily Data: If you prefer daily rates, the Roaming Daily Data plan provides 500MB of data for 35.00 AED per day. It’s a convenient option for short trips when you need data on a daily basis, with a 5% VAT applied.

8. Roaming Daily Combo: For daily data and 15 minutes of voice, the Roaming Daily Combo plan offers 1GB of data for 60.00 AED per day, ensuring you can both browse and make calls while traveling, with a 5% VAT applied.

Roaming Prepaid Data

500MB Data Plan500MB28 Days30.00 AED/28 Days5%
1GB Data Plan1GB28 Days50.00 AED/28 Days5%
3GB Data Plan3GB28 Days100.00 AED/28 Days5%
6GB Data Plan6GB28 Days150.00 AED/28 Days5%
10GB Data Plan10GB28 Days200.00 AED/28 Days5%
20GB Data Plan20GB28 Days300.00 AED/28 Days5%
50GB Data Plan50GB28 Days600.00 AED/28 Days5%
150MB Daily Plan150MB24 Hours4.00 AED/Daily5%
60MB Daily Plan60MB24 Hours2.00 AED/Daily5%
Monthly 2GB Data Plan2GB30 Days80.00 AED/Monthly5%
30 GB Local Data and Music Pack1GB/Day30 Days38.09 AED/Monthly5%
3GB + 2GB Social Plus Data Pack3GB30 Days150.00 AED/Month5%
7GB + 4GB Social Plus Data Pack7GB30 Days250.00 AED/Month5%
10GB + 5GB Social Plus Data Pack10GB30 Days300.00 AED/Month5%
20GB + 10GB Social Plus Data Pack20GB30 Days450.00 AED/Month5%
One-month 25GB + 15GB Social Plus Data Pack25GB30 Days500.00 AED/Month5%
Social Monthly Plan1GB30 Days49.00 AED/Monthly5%
250MB + 250MB Social Plus Data Pack250MB30 Days30.00 AED/Month5%
5GB + 3GB Social Plus Data Pack5GB30 Days200.00 AED/Month5%
1GB + 1GB Social Plus Data Pack1GB30 Days100.00 AED/Month5%
200 MB Social Daily Plan200MB24 Hours5.00 AED/Daily5%
300 MB Social Daily Plan300MB24 Hours6.50 AED/Daily5%
500 MB Social Daily Plan500MB24 Hours10.00 AED/Daily5%
600 MB Social Daily Plan600MB24 Hours12.00 AED/Daily5

Stay Connected Worldwide with Umniah’s Roaming Prepaid Data Plans

When you’re on the move internationally, keeping a reliable data connection is essential. Umniah understands this need and offers a range of Roaming Prepaid Data plans to ensure you stay connected, no matter where you are.

For those seeking a balance between connectivity and affordability, the 28-day validity plans offer options ranging from 500MB to a generous 50GB of data, priced accordingly. Whether you need just enough data for light usage or extensive data for business tasks, Umniah has you covered.

If your travels require more flexibility, Umniah also offers daily data plans, perfect for short trips or when you need data on-demand. The daily plans provide you with options like 150MB, 200MB, 300MB, or 500MB of data, ensuring you have the connectivity you need for a fixed price per day.

Moreover, Umniah offers a variety of Social Plus Data Packs, combining regular data with additional data exclusively for social media usage. These packs cater to users who want to stay active on social platforms while traveling.

With these Roaming Prepaid Data plans, you can browse the web, check emails, and stay connected to your social networks with ease. Umniah ensures you have the flexibility to choose the plan that suits your travel requirements, making international connectivity hassle-free. Please note that a 5% VAT applies to all these plans.

Stay connected and make the most of your travels with Umniah’s Roaming Prepaid Data plans, designed to keep you in touch with the world, wherever your adventures take you.

Roaming Prepaid Voice

200 International Minutes 7 Days200 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Nepal2007 days25.00 AED5% VAT excluded
50 Minutes50 minutes to call China, and Etisalat Egypt and Bangladesh5024 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
25 Minutes25 minutes to call India, Pakistan2524 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
20 Minutes20 minutes to call Nepal2024 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
15 Minutes15 minutes to call Philippines and Afghanistan1524 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
10 Minutes10 minutes to call Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Indonesia1024 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
30 International Minutes Day30 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Egypt3024 hours4.76 AED5% VAT excluded
1000 International Minutes 28 Days1000 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Nepal100028 days79.00 AED5% VAT excluded
500 International Minutes 28 Days500 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Egypt50028 days46.66 AED5% VAT excluded
2000 International Minutes 28 Days2000 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Egypt200028 days94.28 AED5% VAT excluded
30 Local Minutes30 local minutes3024 hours4.00 AED5% VAT excluded
10 Local Minutes10 local minutes1024 hours2.00 AED5% VAT excluded
5 Local Minutes5 local minutes524 hours1.00 AED5% VAT excluded
Voice Mail BasicVoicemail service with personalized greetingN/AN/A0.00 AED5% VAT excluded
Notify MeService to notify international callers via SMS when mobile is switched off, busy, or out of coverageN/AN/A0.00 AED5% VAT included

Stay Connected Globally with Umniah’s Roaming Prepaid Voice Packages

Umniah understands the importance of staying in touch with loved ones and business contacts, no matter where you are in the world. To facilitate this, Umniah offers a range of Roaming Prepaid Voice packages tailored to your specific calling needs.

For those with a focus on international calling, Umniah provides various options. The “200 International Minutes 7 Days” package offers 200 international minutes to reach destinations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Nepal, all within a 7-day validity period, priced at 25.00 AED, with 5% VAT excluded.

Suppose you have shorter conversations in mind. In that case, Umniah offers packages like “50 Minutes,” “25 Minutes,” “20 Minutes,” “15 Minutes,” and “10 Minutes,” each with specific destinations, such as China, Etisalat Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. These packages come with a 24-hour validity period and are priced at 5.00 AED, with 5% VAT excluded.

Additionally, for those looking for a quick international call, the “30 International Minutes Day” package provides 30 international minutes to reach India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Egypt, all within a 24-hour timeframe, priced at 4.76 AED, with 5% VAT excluded.

If you require extended international calling over a month, Umniah offers “1000 International Minutes 28 Days,” “500 International Minutes 28 Days,” and “2000 International Minutes 28 Days” packages. These packages provide substantial minutes for destinations including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Nepal. Prices vary, ranging from 46.66 AED to 94.28 AED, with 5% VAT excluded.

For local calls, Umniah offers “30 Local Minutes,” “10 Local Minutes,” and “5 Local Minutes” packages, perfect for short conversations within the country. These packages come with a 24-hour validity period, with prices ranging from 1.00 AED to 4.00 AED, all with 5% VAT excluded.

Additionally, Umniah offers services like “Voice Mail Basic” and “Notify Me” to enhance your communication experience. “Voice Mail Basic” provides you with a voicemail service featuring personalized greetings, while “Notify Me” keeps international callers informed via SMS when your mobile is switched off, busy, or out of coverage.

With Umniah’s Roaming Prepaid Voice packages, you can make international and local calls with ease, ensuring that you’re always connected, no matter where your journey takes you.

Roaming Internet Calling Plan

5% VAT excluded.

Description : Subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan and enjoy 250 MB daily for voice and video, using any of the supported apps. To download any of the supported apps, please visit

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