Etisalat Roaming Packages Prepaid

Roaming Prepaid Global

PlanDataMinutesRoaming DataRoaming VoicePrice/PeriodVAT
Business Class5GB500YesYes600.00 AED/month5%
Economy Class2GB60YesYes350.00 AED/month5%
First Class10GB1000YesYes1000.00 AED/month5%
Umrah & Hajj7GB650YesYes100.00 AED/week5%
Roaming Weekly Data2GBN/AYesN/A100.00 AED/week5%
Roaming Weekly Combo3GB300YesYes150.00 AED/week5%
Roaming Daily Data500MBN/AYesN/A35.00 AED/day5%
Roaming Daily Combo1GB15YesYes60.00 AED/day5%

Roaming Prepaid Data

500MB Data Plan500MB28 Days30.00 AED/28 Days5%
1GB Data Plan1GB28 Days50.00 AED/28 Days5%
3GB Data Plan3GB28 Days100.00 AED/28 Days5%
6GB Data Plan6GB28 Days150.00 AED/28 Days5%
10GB Data Plan10GB28 Days200.00 AED/28 Days5%
20GB Data Plan20GB28 Days300.00 AED/28 Days5%
50GB Data Plan50GB28 Days600.00 AED/28 Days5%
150MB Daily Plan150MB24 Hours4.00 AED/Daily5%
60MB Daily Plan60MB24 Hours2.00 AED/Daily5%
Monthly 2GB Data Plan2GB30 Days80.00 AED/Monthly5%
30 GB Local Data and Music Pack1GB/Day30 Days38.09 AED/Monthly5%
3GB + 2GB Social Plus Data Pack3GB30 Days150.00 AED/Month5%
7GB + 4GB Social Plus Data Pack7GB30 Days250.00 AED/Month5%
10GB + 5GB Social Plus Data Pack10GB30 Days300.00 AED/Month5%
20GB + 10GB Social Plus Data Pack20GB30 Days450.00 AED/Month5%
One-month 25GB + 15GB Social Plus Data Pack25GB30 Days500.00 AED/Month5%
Social Monthly Plan1GB30 Days49.00 AED/Monthly5%
250MB + 250MB Social Plus Data Pack250MB30 Days30.00 AED/Month5%
5GB + 3GB Social Plus Data Pack5GB30 Days200.00 AED/Month5%
1GB + 1GB Social Plus Data Pack1GB30 Days100.00 AED/Month5%
200 MB Social Daily Plan200MB24 Hours5.00 AED/Daily5%
300 MB Social Daily Plan300MB24 Hours6.50 AED/Daily5%
500 MB Social Daily Plan500MB24 Hours10.00 AED/Daily5%
600 MB Social Daily Plan600MB24 Hours12.00 AED/Daily5

Roaming Prepaid Voice

200 International Minutes 7 Days200 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Nepal2007 days25.00 AED5% VAT excluded
50 Minutes50 minutes to call China, and Etisalat Egypt and Bangladesh5024 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
25 Minutes25 minutes to call India, Pakistan2524 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
20 Minutes20 minutes to call Nepal2024 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
15 Minutes15 minutes to call Philippines and Afghanistan1524 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
10 Minutes10 minutes to call Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Indonesia1024 hours5.00 AED5% VAT excluded
30 International Minutes Day30 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Egypt3024 hours4.76 AED5% VAT excluded
1000 International Minutes 28 Days1000 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Nepal100028 days79.00 AED5% VAT excluded
500 International Minutes 28 Days500 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Egypt50028 days46.66 AED5% VAT excluded
2000 International Minutes 28 Days2000 international minutes to call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Egypt200028 days94.28 AED5% VAT excluded
30 Local Minutes30 local minutes3024 hours4.00 AED5% VAT excluded
10 Local Minutes10 local minutes1024 hours2.00 AED5% VAT excluded
5 Local Minutes5 local minutes524 hours1.00 AED5% VAT excluded
Voice Mail BasicVoicemail service with personalized greetingN/AN/A0.00 AED5% VAT excluded
Notify MeService to notify international callers via SMS when mobile is switched off, busy, or out of coverageN/AN/A0.00 AED5% VAT included

Roaming Internet Calling Plan

5% VAT excluded.

Description : Subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan and enjoy 250 MB daily for voice and video, using any of the supported apps. To download any of the supported apps, please visit




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