Batelco Roaming Packages

How To Activate Batelco Roaming Packages Passport

If you’re planning a trip abroad and want to stay connected, Batelco can help with their Roaming Add-ons. They offer network coverage in many countries around the world,

CountriesValidity Threshold SMS Activation CodeSMS Deactivation CodeTo SubscribePrice
KSA1 day 3 GB KSA1 DKSA1 Dial *973# BD 5.500
KSA 15 days15 GB Haj DHaj Dial *973# BD 16.500
GCC 1 day 2 GB GCC1 DGCC1 Dial *973# BD 5.500
GCC3 days 4 GB GCC3 DGCC3 Dial *973# BD 7.700
GCC7 days 5 GB GCC7DGCC7 Dial *973# BD 11 000

  • Send Activation code / Deactivation code to 88188
  • To subscribe to the bundles while you’re out of Bahrain, send the SMS subscription code to +973 32 188188
  • All prices are VAT inclusive

To activate Batelco Roaming Packages Passport and stay connected while traveling abroad, follow these simple steps:

Check Eligibility: Ensure that your Batelco postpaid or prepaid line is eligible for international roaming. You may need to contact Batelco’s customer support to confirm this.

Select Your Desired Package: Review the available roaming packages and select the one that suits your needs based on the country you’ll be visiting, the duration of your stay, and the data threshold you require.

Activation via SMS:

  • To activate the package, send an SMS with the relevant activation code to the provided SMS Activation Code for your chosen package. For example, if you’re traveling to KSA for 1 day and want 3 GB of data, send “KSA1” to the activation code.
  • Wait for a confirmation SMS to verify that your roaming package has been successfully activated.

Deactivation via SMS:
If you wish to deactivate the package before it expires, send an SMS with the relevant deactivation code to the provided SMS Deactivation Code for your package. For instance, if you’re using the “KSA1” package and want to deactivate it, send “DKSA1” to the deactivation code.

Check Balance: Keep track of your data usage to ensure you do not exceed the data threshold included in your chosen package. You can usually check your balance by dialing a specified code or contacting Batelco’s customer support.

To Subscribe: You can subscribe to Batelco’s Roaming Packages Passport by dialing *973# on your mobile phone while you are abroad. Follow the on-screen prompts to select and activate your desired package.

Price: Be aware of the cost associated with your selected package. Different packages have varying prices, so make sure you are aware of the charges before activating.

Remember that these roaming packages are specific to the mentioned countries and have different validity periods and data thresholds. It’s essential to choose the package that aligns with your travel plans to ensure you stay connected without unexpected costs.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Add-ons

CountriesValidity ThresholdSMS Activation CodeSMS Deactivation Code To SubscribePrice
KSA 1 day 3 GBKSA1DKSA1 Dial *973#BD 5.500
KSA15 days15 GBHajDHajDial *973#BD 16.500
GCC 1 day2 GBGCC1 DGCC1Dial *973#BD 5.500
GCC 3 days4 GBGCC3 DGCC3Dial *973#BD 7.700
GCC7 days5 GBGCC7 DGCC7Dial *973#BD 11.000

  • Send Activation code / Deactivation code to 88188
  • To subscribe to the bundles while you’re out of Bahrain, send the SMS subscription code to +973 32 188188
  • All prices are VAT inclusive

Batelco’s GCC Add-ons: Stay Connected in the Gulf

For travelers heading to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Batelco offers a range of convenient GCC Add-ons to keep you connected during your visit. These add-ons cover countries like Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the wider GCC region, providing options for various durations and data thresholds to suit your travel needs.

1. KSA 1-Day (KSA1): If you’re planning a short stay in Saudi Arabia, the KSA1 add-on is perfect for you. It offers 3 GB of data with a validity of 1 day, ensuring you have ample data for your brief visit. To activate, simply send an SMS with “KSA1” to the provided activation code, and you’re good to go. The cost for this package is BD 5.500.

2. KSA 15 Days (Haj): For a more extended visit to Saudi Arabia, especially during the Haj season, the Haj add-on provides 15 GB of data with a validity of 15 days. This package is tailored to accommodate the longer stays associated with religious pilgrimages. To activate, send “Haj” to the specified activation code. The package is priced at BD 16.500.

3. GCC Add-ons (GCC1, GCC3, GCC7): Batelco also offers add-ons for traveling within the broader GCC region, which includes countries like Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and more. These packages provide varying data thresholds and validity periods to match your travel plans. The GCC1 add-on offers 2 GB of data for 1 day, GCC3 offers 4 GB for 3 days, and GCC7 provides 5 GB for 7 days. To activate any of these packages, simply send the corresponding code via SMS to the provided activation code, and you can enjoy connectivity within the GCC. Prices range from BD 5.500 to BD 11.000 depending on the package selected.

To subscribe to any of these GCC Add-ons, you can also dial *973# on your mobile device while abroad. These add-ons are designed to provide you with the flexibility to stay connected, whether for business or leisure, while exploring the vibrant Gulf region

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