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Zain Jordan Data packages 4G prepaid

With the fastest internet connection and largest internet coverage across the Kingdom , Zain provides you with LTE speeds! This technology is available through a range of products and services that speciafically meet the needs of individual and home-users based on mobility levels and speed ranges .

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zain.internetMain BundelValidity Monthly Subscription
40 GB40 GB30 Day8 JOD
120 GB120 GB30 Day11 JOD
275 GB275 GB30 Day16 JOD
275 GB275 GB90 Day16 JOD
400 GB400 GB30 Day19 JOD
500 MB500 MB30 Day2 JOD
Terms and Conditions:
  •  Balance recharge can be done through: *114#, Zain Jordan website, and Zain Self Care App.
  •  Early renewal, balance inquiry, and knowing the remaining GBs can be done through: *260#, Zain Jordan website, and Zain Self Care App.
  •  After consuming the basic bundle, subscribers can activate “Pay As You Go” option; noting that the rate is 20 Piasters /MB
  •  The above packages prices are tax exclusive.
  •  Terms and conditions apply.

Promo Code Zain Jordan

Special Offers​ *079#
Local minutes (prepaid)*440#
Zain Services*111#
Change IVR Password*193#
Check Tariff Name*113#
Change PUK Code*174#
Check Mobile Number *178#
Add Freeze Service ( Prepaid) *145#
Gifting Service *700#
Check associated numbers with your line (reference number) *234#
Recharge Voucher (Prepaid) *114*Recharge Number#
Recharge Voucher to Other Line *115#
Early Renewal : (Prepaid):*358#
Money transfer (Prepaid) : *101*"IVRPassword"*079XXXXXXX*Fils#
Check Main Balance (Prepaid)​ *116#
Check remaining embedded minutes*116*1#
Check remaining embedded internet + SMS *116*2#
Check remaining additional minutes *121*1#
Check remaining additional renewal MIPS *121*2#
Check the night bundle *121*3#
Check the remaining additional MIPS*121*3#
Check the points for social mix (Prepaid) *121*4#
4G Internet Prepaid Services (MBB)*260#
Roaming Bundles *962#
Bill Shock (Postpaid) *127#