Ooredoo Oman Data Plan

Poredoo Prepaid Plan

Ooredoo Oman Hala Package

Price DataSocialLocal Call Cross Min Validity
RO 21 GB500 MB 50 min 25 min 7 Days
RO 3.5 1.5 GB 500 MB 50 min - 28 Days
RO 5 7 GB 1 GB 50 min - 7 Days
RO 63 GB 1.5 GB100 min 25 min 28 Days
RO 98 GB 2 GB 250 min 35 min 28 Days
RO 12 15 GB - 300 min 50 min 28 Days
RO 18 30 GB - 600 min 75 min 28 Days

The Ooredoo Hala Package is a prepaid plan offered by Ooredoo Oman, a telecommunications company based in the Middle East. This plan is designed for users who want a flexible and convenient way to stay connected while on the go.

To activate the Ooredoo Hala Package, users simply need to dial *555# and follow the prompts. Once activated, users will have access to a range of features, including cross minutes to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and local calls, as well as social media access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

One of the key benefits of the Ooredoo Hala Package is its flexibility and convenience. As a prepaid plan, users can easily top up their account with credit as needed and enjoy the freedom of not being tied to a contract. This is particularly useful for users who travel frequently or have unpredictable data needs.

Another advantage of the Ooredoo Hala Package is its affordability. With competitive rates and a range of features to choose from, users can customize their plan to suit their specific needs and budget. Whether they need a basic plan with just a few features or a more comprehensive package with more data and calling minutes, the Ooredoo Hala Package has something to offer for everyone.

Ooredoo Offers Oman

Ooredoo Hala Sim Package

Price DataSocial Media Local Call International MinValidity
RO 21 GB500 MB50 min 25 min 1 Week
RO 3.5 1.5 GB500 MB 50 min_4 Weeks
RO 6 3 GB 1.5 GB 100 min25 min 4 Weeks
PriceDataRenewal Bonus Validity
RO 3 2 GB 500 MB 4 Weeks
RO 5 4 GB 1 GB 4 Weeks
  • To check balance : Dial *102#

Ooredoo Hala Add-Ons

PriceDataValidity Activation
RO 0.50 250 MB 1 Day *555*53#
RO 1 1 GB 1 Day *555*21#
RO 1 400 MB 1 Week *555*83#
RO 2 1.5 GB 1 Week *555*84#
RO 4 5 GB 1 Week *555*85#
RO 3 2 GB 4 Week *555*22#
RO 5 4 GB 4 Week *555*23#
RO 7 6 GB 4 Week *555*81#
RO 10 12 GB 4 Week *555*69#
RO 20 25 GB 12 Week *555*26#

 Ooredoo More Internet Plan

Price DataValidity Activation
RO 1400 MB1 Week *115*3*Recharge Code#
RO 21.5 GB1 Week *115*3*Recharge Code#
RO 32 GB4 Weeks*115*3*Recharge Code#
RO 54 GB4 Weeks*115*3*Recharge Code#
RO 1012 GB4 Weeks*115*3*Recharge Code#
  • To Balance Check : *102*3#

 Ooredoo More Credit Plan

PriceBonus Credit Total CreditActivation
RO 5OMR 2.5 OMR 7.5 *115*2*Recharge Code#
RO 10 OMR 10 OMR 20*115*2*Recharge Code#

Ooredoo Unlimited Data Plan

2 ROUnlimited 1 Day *555*888#

Ooredoo Unlimited Youtube

Price with VAT Validity SubscribeUnsubscribe
0.525 Bz One Day *141*600# *141*600*1#

* You can watch unlimited videos from youtube or viu videos

Local Voice Plan

OMR Local Call Validity Activation
RO 1.050 40 min 30 Days *555*240#
RO 2.100 100 min 30 Days *555*101#
RO 3.150 200 min 30 Days *555*201#
RO 3.150 Unlimited7 Days *555*999#

The Ooredoo Prepaid Plan is the perfect solution for people who need to stay connected but don’t want to commit to a long term contract. With the Ooredoo Prepaid Plan, customers can enjoy local voice calls at a great rate with no need to worry about contracts or additional fees.

The local voice plan is designed to fit the needs of customers who want to stay in contact with their friends and family without having to worry about their budget. Customers have the option to choose the plan that best suits their needs, with plans ranging from RO 1.050 for 40 minutes of local calls to RO 3.150 for unlimited local calls with a 7-day validity.

To make life easier, Ooredoo customers can also access various services and features through the USSD codes. Customers can easily check their main balance by dialing *102#, or access easy credit or loan credit by dialing *222*123#. For customers who need help finding their own phone number, they can dial *141*29#.

If customers ever run into any issues with the Ooredoo services, they can always contact Ooredoo Oman Customer Care number by calling 1500. The customer care team is available 24/7 and is willing to help with any query or issue.

For customers who need to transfer data to another Ooredoo customer, they can simply dial *222# and follow the instructions. With the data transfer service, customers can easily transfer their data to other Ooredoo customers without any hassle.

Overall, the Ooredoo Prepaid Plan is a great option for customers who need to stay connected without the commitment of a long-term contract. With the range of plans available, customers can easily choose the plan that suits their needs best. Additionally, with the help of USSD codes and data transfer service, customers can easily manage their accounts and stay connected with their friends and family.

Ooredoo Wifi Plan Oman
4G 12 Months Contract 250 GB
4G 12 Months Contract 500 GB
4G 12 Months Contract 1 TB
250 GB
500 GB
1 TB
Fixed National minutes
Fixed National minutes
10 Mbps
10 Mbps
10 Mbps
OMR 25+ 5% VAT
OMR 35 + 5% VAT
OMR 45 + 5% VAT

Early termination charge will be prorated on the remaining months of that contract period of amount 50 OMR.

What’s in it for you?
  • Data Rollover feature (First in Oman)
  • Plug and play / Free modem
  • Non-stop data plans
  • Fastest download and Upload speeds
  • Full coverage across the Sultanate
  • A choice of plans to suit all your needs