Mobily KSA Internet Packages Code

Mobily Internet Packages Code In KSA

Mobily offers internet package code new social media add-ons for prepaid and post paid customers that allow you to unlimited usage on the following Apps. You can get a monthly, weekly or daily subscription according to your need:

Local Minutes UnitValidityPrice SAR
Activation CodesAuto Renewal
Cancellation Code
De-Activation Codes
20 Min1 Day
120 Min7 Days10L7CAL7CL7
500 Min30 Days30L30CAL30CL30

These packages include a variety of local minutes units, validity periods, and prices to suit different usage patterns and budgets.

One of the key features of Mobily’s internet packages is the variety of local minutes units available. These range from 20 minutes to 500 minutes, providing customers with a range of options depending on their usage needs. Whether a customer needs a small amount of minutes for occasional use or a large amount for heavy use, Mobily has a package that will suit their needs.

Another important aspect of Mobily’s internet packages is the validity period. These range from 1 day to 30 days, providing customers with the flexibility to choose a package that suits their usage patterns. Customers can choose a package with a shorter validity period if they only need minutes for a short period of time or a package with a longer validity period if they need minutes for a longer period of time.

Activation of Mobily’s internet packages is also made easy through activation codes, allowing customers to activate their package quickly and easily. Auto-renewal feature is also available, which automatically renews the package when it expires. However, customers have the option to cancel the auto-renewal feature with the provided cancel code, giving customers more control over their package and usage.


sms Send 441 to 1100 – Daily

Send 447 to 1100 – Weekly

Send 440 to 1100 – Monthly

 ussd *441# for Daily

*447# for Weekly

*440# for Monthly

*1100# -> 2. Mobily services -> 3.Messaging services -> 2. Social services

Mobily app My Line -> Social Media -> Social Daily / Social Weekly / Social Monthly


Web portal My Mobily -> My servies -> Messaging